EBVMA Podcast – Episode 3 – Developing a Clinical Question (Fletcher, Pratt and Fausak)

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3rd EBVMA Podcast: Developing a Clinical Question with Dr. Daniel Fletcher, Dr. Chap Pratt, and Erik Fausak Download infographic Summary The process of developing a clinical question is divided into four categories: Patient Intervention Comparison Outcome The practice of evidence-based veterinary medicine (EBVM) starts with forming a clinical question. Forming a question that is highly […]

EBVMA Podcast – Ep 02 – EBVM Methodology (Fausak, Larson, Hemming)

This is part 2 of 3 in the series The EBVMA Podcast

The EBVMA Podcast – Episode 02 – “How to do EBVM” with Dr. Robert Larson, Dr. Patrick Hemming and Erik Fausak Download an infographic summary (PDF) Author: Erik Fausak | 15 November 2016 Abstract The process of Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) is divided into 5 phases: Developing the clinical question Find the evidence Retrieve the evidence […]

EBVMA Podcast – Ep 01 – What is EBVM? (Fausak, McKenzie and Esposito)

This is part 1 of 3 in the series The EBVMA Podcast

In this inaugural episode of the EBVMA podcast, Erik Fausak interviews Dr. Brennen McKenzie and Dr. Sharyn Esposito to talk about “What is Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine?” (July 2016). See below for a program synopsis and guest biographies.   An Introduction to Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine (EBVM) by Dr. Brennen McKenzie Dr. McKenzie started the podcast by discussing […]