EBVMA Committees consist of three Core Mission Groups

Development and Outreach

The domain of this group is promotion of the EBVMA, including news and publicity, membership and revenue. Some specific activities include the EBVMA presence at local, regional, and national association meetings, advertising and sales through the website and other outlets, management of the EBVMA VIN folder, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mendeley, partnerships (e.g. Nottingham and RCVS Knowledge) and other activities.

This group is also responsible for leveraging the activities of other groups to support and grow the Association as well as the evidence-based veterinary medicine community in general. For example, research supported by EBVMA or conducted by EBVMA members under the Research group should be promoted, publicized, and disseminated as part of development and outreach activities.

Examples of this group’s activities:

Group Lead: Dr. Brennen McKenzie


The domain of this group is the teaching of EBVM principles and methods to students and practitioners. This includes curriculum development, the EBVMA Symposia, webinars or education materials in the form of netcasts (e.g. screencasts, podcasts, etc.), support of EBVM-related sessions at CE meetings, EBVM-related courses at schools of veterinary medicine, and other activities related to educating the veterinary profession about EBVM.

Examples of this group’s activities:

Lead: Dr. Virginia Fajt


The domain of this group is research into EBVM per se and the application of EBVM standards and methods to research and publication generally.

Examples of this group’s activities:

  • CONSORT/REFLECT and other similar statements
  • EBVMA Research Grants and other awards
  • Some activities of the Library Committee
  • The use of life science, translational, clinical and public health informatics as solutions towards resolving EBM challenges.
  • The Veterinary All Trials Initiative (VetAllTrials)

Group Lead: Dr. Stuart Turner