Keynote: Using Big Data to Shift from Evidence-based Practice to Practice-based Evidence

Christopher Longhurst, MD, MS, DABP (Pediatrics), DABPM (Clinical Informatics)

Clinical Associate Professor, (Pediatrics – Systems Medicine; General Pediatrics; Medicine – Biomedical Informatics Research), Fellowship Director, Clinical Informatics; VP of Analytics; Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO), Stanford Children’s Health; Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital, Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford University


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Human pediatric medicine shares many similarities to veterinary medicine such as the intrinsic nature of patient proxies (e.g. parents, pet owners or herd managers) and the characteristics of reporting and evaluating outcomes of interventions in a clinical environment or research study. Another is the relative paucity of good prospective research. There is a heavy reliance on evidence at levels III through V, especially case studies or expert opinion.

Dr. Longhurst shares work he and his colleagues have highlighted in Evidence-Based Medicine in the EMR Era (Download PDF); NEJM, 10 Nov 2011; 365:1758-1759, which demonstrates the use of an institutional (STRIDE: Stanford Translational Research Integrated Database Environment) clinical data repository built from a robust electronic medical record system, to perform patient cohort analysis where evidence from publications may be lacking .


patient cohort analysis, electronic health records, clinical data warehousing

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